Adamanta Chubb

AC (Rock'n'Roll Band) (Hodgson)

Sat in the back at the Theatre
I'm asked if I wanna join a rock'n'roll band
I take a step back and I ask for a drink
Another wild night and it's back to the barn again

I think we're gonna make it
I think we're gonna hit the big time
I think we're gonna make it
Make it to the top

In a rock'n'roll band
A rock'n'roll band
A rock'n'roll band
We'll make it to the top

We play a few chords and we make a noise
I don't care, I'm just one of the boys
The Knife, Gypsy, Delilah too
These are the songs we're gonna play for you

The Old Man (Hodgson/Cornforth/Blackwell)

Strolling down a shady lane
I came across a cave
Sat inside amidst the night
An old man faced the grave

Thought he could have found a place
That no one could have found
He can't redeem his long lost love
He shouts but there's no sound

He talks to me of chariots
And armour made of gold
Legends that have long been dead
On the dusty shelves of old

He spoke to me of things to come
The future flowed like rain
Death destruction misery
And deep unending pain

The world will end in forty days
So now you must beware
To use the knowledge of yesteryear
So that you can prepare

Black Queen (Hodgson/Blackwell)

I had a date with the black queen
I knew it wasn't my scene
Her loving wasn't too keen
Because I didn't know where she had been

She's a female Casanova
'Cause she bowls the fella's over
She's certainly a rover
'Cause I want her for my lover

She's my black queen
Isn't that green
She's my black queen