Atlantis (Todd/Savage)

Deep in the heart of the sea
Are the rotting remains of a city
Where once there was a community
Who were far advanced in technology

We believe in you, we'd like to see you
We believe in you, we'd love to meet you
We believe in you, we'd give our lives to you
We believe in you, please come and meet us

Here in the minds of the chosen
Are the memories of a dream unbroken
Where the rage of the war goes unspoken
So rise the sea tide I'm still hoping

Time warp theory
Fourth dimension
Time warp theory
Fourth dimension

1999 (Todd)

What's gonna happen are we gonna be killed in 1999
Are the gods gonna come are we in for a thrill in 1999
A third world war could be possible in 1999

Oh, 1999 x 3

Are we gonna be burned are we gonna be drowned in 1999
What's gonna happen are we gonna be found in 1999
I just hope for my sake I won't be around in 1999

Oh, 1999 x 3

Karleearn Photography (Todd)

Celluloid images on the screen
Re-arranging peoples lives
Polar bears in a deep green sea
Waiting to tear out your eyes
Constructive thoughts of a future to come
Recollection of psychic dreams
Karleearn photography is just the start
Of realising mans ideals

Karleearn photography x 4
It's just the start

Large fields sunny day games
Underground tunnels with guards
Colourful fish being pierced by reeds
Punishment for slight misdeeds
Planting a bomb on a building site tip
The tip turns into a ship
People who I've never seen before
But somehow recognise

Karleearn photography x 4
It's just a start

Auto-Mekanik Destruktor (Savage)

The silicone dictator is waiting to take over
To free us all from labour to be slaves of automation
We're put onto convetor belts of mass production living
We're soon to lose the choice of simply turning off and thinking

I'm chained into my armchair as my mind erases will
I'm haunted by devices that eliminate and kill
The legs that used to walk!
The mouth that used to speak!
This should be luxury but how it bores me
It's absorbing me and making me feel useless

Emotion over-rules routine to hindrance it with questions
The new employee never fails to play its role and function
Suspicion is confirmed to be a thought they must destroy
In unison we press to life the things we see as toys

The silicone messiah is preaching new religion
Reversing what was sacred to a new technology
We're subject to their probings as they swoop in silent flight
We sleep in private slumbers to awake in satellites

I'm washed away in overflows of molten metal streams
I'm steeped in tears of robots who could only love in dreams
Of hopeless future birth to see the distant earth
What is it really worth
Because it pains me to be draining from
This silicone renaissance

Auto-Mekainik Destruktor! (repeat)