Brief history of Purity:

John Hodgson and Michael Charlton were two schoolfriends growing up in Teesside in the 1960's. In the mid-60's they started a group called Purity. Before settling on the name they called themselves The Elastic Band. The earliest record of the band is in diary entries from 1966 in which are described several rehearsals and recording sessions. No recordings exist from this time, but John still has two cassettes full of crude songs dating from 1972.
Several other friends briefly passed through the line-up, including Robert Moss, Graham Lester, Keith Lowery, Terry Stevenson and Eddie Coulson.
During 1973 Michael slowly lost interest in the band and in 1974 Purity were no more. John continued to write and record as a solo artist, eventually joining Adamanta Chubb in January 1975. Michael and John occasionally re-united to record as Purity, most notably in 1978 and 1982. The closest the band came to a live performance was around 1978 when they were due to play one song "Remember Girl (In This World)" at a Middlesbrough pub. Michael didn't turn up and John took to the stage alone to perform the song. Another Purity song "Fly Away" was ressurected by Adamanta Chubb in 1975.